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Feeling Great
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David Burns, M.D.,is a renowned psychiatrist, award-winning researcher, and author of the phenomenally successful Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy, which has sold 5 million copies worldwide. More than 50,000 American and Canadian mental health professionals have attended his popular training programs, and his weekly Feeling Good Podcasts have just reached 2 million downloads.

Articles about Dr. Burns have been featured in more than 100 popular consumer magazines, including the New York Times, Reader’s Digest, Ladies' Home Journal, and he has been interviewed on more than 1,000 radio and television shows.

Dr. Burns received his medical degree from the Stanford University School of Medicine. He is currently Emeritus Adjunct Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the Stanford University School of Medicine and is certified by the National Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.
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BRILLIANT AND POWERFUL!!! This book is pure gold and a breath of fresh air that provides hope and tools to achieve joy and enlightenment. Dr. Burns conveys the message that your suffering as well as your negative thoughts and feelings are not symptoms of mental disorder but instead are the expression of what is most awesome and beautiful about you. Warning: This is not a book in which you just read page after page and expect change in your life. You must do the valuable exercises in order to transform your life radically and rapidly. If you are ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work, this is an outstanding book for you!

Sara Verduzco Shane, LMFT

When I first heard of David Burns' TEAM-CBT Therapy I was ready to throw away my 25-year career as a psychotherapist and open a sandwich shop. I was feeling tired, cynical and pessimistic. On a whim to give my career one last chance I attended one of Dr. Burns' 4-day Intensives and I was hooked! Since then I've read all of his books, and dedicated my professional career to learning and applying TEAM-CBT principles. His book Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy changed my life for the better both professionally and personally by showing me how to live a life free of the kind of negative thoughts that kept me weighed down and burnt out. After reading Feeling Good I felt rejuvenated and a renewed commitment to the mental health of my patients and myself. Learning the tools Dr. Burns writes about has also led me to have improved relationships with people in my family, and helped me resolve interpersonal conflicts with confidence, determination and peace. Feeling Great has even more tools for people to apply to their personal and professional lives that will lead to an alleviation of the symptoms of depression and anxiety, overcome habits and addictions, and lead them to a sense of joy, and confidence that no matter what life struggles you face you will have the tools to get through them.

Rhonda Barovsky, LCSW, PsyD

Nothing short of amazing! Dr. David Burns is an absolute genius, and with his work and this book, he has advanced psychotherapy by lightyears. He is arguably one of the best therapists in the world, and using this book is as close to having personal therapy with Dr. Burns as one can possibly get; it’s like having him right there in the room with you. This book actually achieves the ambitious goal of making extremely powerful and effective therapy available, accessible and useable to the general public more than any resource I’ve seen.

Feeling Great provides the reader with a powerful and effective framework for rapidly, effectively and dramatically alleviating depression and anxiety. It is filled with practical tools and techniques and will help anyone suffering from depression or anxiety, whether used by an individual seeking relief, or in conjunction with a therapist. Given the amazing results I’ve personally had using Dr. Burns’ TEAM framework, both in terms of my own anxiety and depression, as well as with my patients, I will be recommending this book to anyone who suffers from these conditions. Rapid, effective, drug-free treatment has never been so accessible as it is now in Feeling Great.

This was the first time I’ve ever cried tears of joy while reading a book!

Michael D. Greenwald, PhD, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Feeling Great is a must for anyone with depression and anxiety, describing in plain, clear language how we can all live happier, healthier and more successful lives. Dr. Burns is a visionary in the field of mental health and a genius at helping people overcome depression and anxiety. The psychotherapy model he has created, TEAM, is, in my opinion, the most important achievement in the history of mental health. I've offered TEAM therapy to hundreds of patients during my career and have seen the profound improvements this model creates in their lives, as well as in my own life.

Matthew May, MD

I'm loving Feeling Great. It’s an amazing book. I would describe it as Feeling Good x 10!

Christian Anderson