Reclaiming Reflection in the Digital Age

Free reflection plus a mindfulness worksheet from the new book, Reflect: Awaken to the Wisdom of the Here and Now

Have you ever experienced the “Las Vegas Effect?” It’s a term I coined to illustrate the 24/7, instant gratification and impulsivity response that seems to consume us more and more each day.

Yes, there’s no question that speed makes all kinds of things more convenient. Activities that once took hours, such as shopping for groceries and buying clothes, are now accomplished remotely by pressing a few buttons. It’s all good, right? Well, there’s nothing innately wrong with getting things done faster. But if we’re saving so much time and energy through all these conveniences, why do we feel so stressed out and dissatisfied?

When was the last time you just took a breath?

The irony is that the more we try to do—and the more that technology spreads out and fills up all the spaces of our day—the more worries and anxiety we have. As a result, there’s less time we may have for pausing, reflecting, getting centered, and tapping deeper joy and presence. That’s why I wrote Reflect: Awaken to the Wisdom of the Here and Now.

The 108 inspiring, affirming, and illuminating reflections I feature in Reflect tap into your unique and innate human capacity for accessing deeper meaning and wisdom.

Each one-page reading comes with three deepening reflections, making a complete handout. With this book you will journal, reflect, and practice in order to discover the wonder, stillness, and joy that exists for you—not tomorrow—but right now.

Experience the benefits of reflection

One of my favorite reflections comes from the “Simplicity & Peace” section of my book, which contains reflections to help you slow down, overcome distraction, and embrace a more present-oriented approach to each day.

It says:

It’s impossible to hold onto a river, but you can flow with it.

Feelings and thoughts are droplets
in an endless river
flowing out to the ocean.

None are final,
so why hold onto dissolving droplets?
Instead, watch them flow past and through.

This is nature’s way,
and the way to find peace
with feelings and thoughts.

Reflect on this.

And then ask yourself—

1.) What is it like to observe—just for one minute—how quickly thoughts and feelings change?

2.) How can noticing this flow be useful?

3.) For one day, what is it like to be a keen observer of your thoughts, watching them pass by as fleeting and temporary visitors?

You’ll find that taking time to reflect allows us to break free from our old, comfortable mental boxes and toxic patterns. It lets us see things in a totally fresh way, beyond our limited and often defensive perspective.

Your free Reflect worksheet

To celebrate the arrival of my new book, I’m offering this reflection and three more in a FREE mindfulness worksheet.

Download your FREE mindfulness worksheet from Reflect here.

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I hope you enjoy the reflections, and I look forward to taking the journey of compassionate awakening together.


Donald Altman

Meet the Author:
Donald Altman, M.A., LPC, is a psychotherapist, award-winning author, and former Buddhist monk. Featured in The Mindfulness Movie and profiled in the Living Spiritual Teachers Project, he has written over 15 books that teach how to incorporate mindfulness into daily life. Award-winning books include: The Mindfulness Toolbox—winner of two Gold IBPA Benjamin Franklin™ Awards as best book in the “Psychology” and “Body-Mind-Spirit” categories, Clearing Emotional Clutter—selected “One of the Best Spiritual Books of 2016” and The Mindfulness Code— chosen “One of the Best Spiritual Books of 2010.”

Donald has reached out to the community by serving as vice president of The Center for Mindful Eating and as an adjunct professor in Portland State University’s Interpersonal Neurology Certificate Program. He travels internationally, spreading seeds of mindfulness as a health and business consultant, keynote speaker, and mindfulness workshop leader. He lives in Portland, where he enjoys mindfully riding his motorcycle through Oregon’s natural beauty.

His new book is Reflect: Awaken to the Wisdom of the Here and Now.

Learn more about his educational products, including his upcoming live seminars, by clicking here.
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Reflect taps into your unique human capacity for accessing meaning, presence, and wisdom in 108 inspiring, affirming, and illuminating reflections. You’ll journal, reflect, and practice, to discover the wonder and stillness of presence that exist for you, not tomorrow, but in this next awakening moment.

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