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PESI Publishing & Media (PPM) specializes in clinical books, workbooks, card decks, and reference guides related to the fields of behavioral health and rehabilitation. Designed to teach and expand clinical knowledge, our publications are known for having a straightforward, conversational style and reproducible, easy-to-use exercises, checklists, and guides for the general consumer as well as practitioners to use with clients.

PPM continually seeks experienced and first-time authors who want to share their clinical knowledge and expertise!

Proposal Guidelines

To help us conceptualize your vision for this book, please include the following information:

2-3 pages that address the following:
  • Key selling points-what makes your book unique in the marketplace?
  • What is the general content and objective of your work?
  • Why is this book needed?
  • Are you writing about any new techniques or groundbreaking research?
  • What specific problems does your book aim to solve?
  • Who will benefit from reading this book and why?
  • What other books are competing with yours?

Table of Contents
Please provide a detailed outline of your book, including bullet points about what will be included in each chapter.

Introduction and Sample Chapters
To get an idea of your writing style and content, we would like to see an introduction and/or 1-2 sample chapters. Please do not send an entire manuscript at this point.

Sample Worksheets, Exercises, Case Examples or Illustrations for Workbook Projects
If applicable, please include a few examples of worksheets, exercises or activities that will be in your book.

Marketing Opportunities
Marketing is key in a highly competitive book market. Our most successful publications are those that benefit from collaborative promotion by both PPM and our authors. Tell us how you can help us promote your book. For example, do you have a large e-mail list or social media following? Do you write for any print or online publications? What about speaking engagements? How will you help sell your book for months or years after the book is published? Any opportunities to promote your book are encouraged!

We want to know about you! List your current employment status, credentials, accolades, associations you belong to, previous publishing works and biographical information.

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Proposal Document Requirements:
  • Overview
  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction / Sample Chapter
  • Worksheet or exercise samples
  • Marketing Opportunities
  • Biography