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IFS for Addictions: Creating a Context for Collaboration and Hope

Develop and enhance the therapeutic experience with these FREE worksheets

Richard Schwartz, Ph.D., Cece Sykes, LCSW, Martha Sweezy, PhD

The importance of a first session is that it leads to a second session, which is why creating a safe, collaborative context is key. Use the free exercises provided here to help you empathize with the fear and reluctance clients often feel when working through addictive or problematic behaviors.


6 Resilience-Building & Inclusive Children’s Books for National Read Across America Day

Celebrate diverse experiences with these children's books


To celebrate National Read Across America Day on March 2, we’ve selected six of our favorite children’s books that teach kids resilience-building skills and celebrate diverse experiences.


The Superpower of Psychological Flexibility

Tips to defuse from unhelpful, narrow ways of thinking that limit what’s possible for you

Aprilia West, PsyD, MT, PCC

Research shows that higher levels of psychological flexibility provide a wide range of benefits, including higher levels of mental health and lower stress levels. Dr. Aprilia West offers some insight and an exercise to improve psychological flexibility.


Highly Sensitive People & Gaslighting

Free worksheet download to help you and clients decide when gaslighting is happening

Amy Marlow-MaCoy, LPC, Amy Kempe, LPC, NCC, CSAT

Highly sensitive people can be more susceptible to gaslighting and manipulation. Authors of the new book, The Clinician’s Guide to Treating Adult Children of Narcissists, describe why this is the case, and offer a free worksheet to help clients and therapists differentiate between gaslighting or simply experiencing a variance between how two or more people perceive something.


8 Must-Have Play Therapy Books for Therapists Who Work with Young Clients

These books will change up your sessions with your young clients


Play therapy is a beneficial method for working with young clients in and out of the therapy office, and PESI has the books to get you started or inspire new ideas for play therapy sessions!


Help Clients Improve Mood with Food

Free infographic to educate clients on how food can affect your physical, mental, and emotional being

Leslie Korn, Ph.D., MPH, LMHC

Leslie Korn, PhD, shares 10 things you can do to help improve mood (and overall health) with food, so your clients can learn and cater to their body's needs.


EMDR for Kids: How to Playfully Integrate Into Your Practice

Free EMDR worksheets for kids

When Christine Mark-Griffin, LCSW, began working with young kids, she quickly realized that traditional therapy was often not enough to fully unravel the trauma and pain these little ones were carrying, so she set out to create EMDR resources to help.


Sigh Breath Exercise and Havening Touch for Trauma Treatment

A simple modified CPR (Creating Personal Resiliency) for the amygdala

Kate Truitt, PhD, MBA

Dr. Kate Truitt shares a highly effective and easy-to-use strategy that will transform your approach to trauma treatment.


Leslie's Avocado Chocolate Moodshake Recipe

A recipe to help boost your energy and mood

Leslie Korn, Ph.D., MPH, LMHC

The combination of avocado, coconut, and chocolate makes for a refreshing afternoon drink if your energy and mood start to drop.


Help Your Clients Discover Their Personality Style

Free CBT-based Worksheets

Leslie Sokol, Ph.D., Marci Fox, Ph.D.

A good therapist must get to know their clients, but it’s just as important for the client to learn about themselves in the process as well! Leslie Sokol and Marci Fox provide free worksheets to help your clients learn more about their own personality styles.


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