Become An Author

At PESI Publishing & Media (PPM), we actively seek manuscripts from experienced and first-time authors in the behavioral health, healthcare and rehabilitation fields. Share your practical, real world, clinical knowledge by developing a book, treatment workbook, pocket or reference guide.

Our books are designed to teach and increase proficiencies. Our workbooks include straight-forward explanations and useful, easy-to-use exercises, checklists and practice guides to make the skills accessible to clients. Reproducible forms are a key component.

The potential reader for PPM books includes counselors, therapists, psychologists, social workers, rehabilitation professionals, occupational therapists, speech and language pathologists, and psychotherapists looking to expand their clinical knowledge.

How to Submit a Proposal

Submit your proposal as a double-spaced Microsoft Word Document.

  • Overview of Book
    A few pages that address the following:
    • Key selling points-what makes your book unique in the marketplace?
    • What is the general content and objective of your work?
    • Why is this book needed?
    • Are you writing about any new techniques or groundbreaking research?
    • What specific problems does your book aim to solve?
    • Who will benefit from reading this book and why?
    • What other books are competing with yours?

  • Table of Contents
    The table of contents should be an expanded and detailed outline of your book. Bullet points about what will be included in each chapter are recommended.

  • Sample Chapters
    Please provide one to two sample chapters.

  • Sample Worksheets, Exercises, Case Examples or Illustrations for Workbook Projects
    Because our books are highly practical, we like to see examples of tools clinicians can use with their clients.

  • Marketing Opportunities
    Marketing is key for a successful book. Promoting and selling your book is a partnership. Tell us how you can help us promote your book. Do you have a large e-mail list or social media followers? Do you book speaking engagements? Do you write for any print or online publications? How can you help sell your book for months or years after the book is published? Any opportunities to promote your book will be encouraged!

  • Biography and Curriculum Vitae
    We want to know about the work you do! List your current employment status, credentials, accolades, associations you belong to, previous publishing works and biographical information.

We will review your proposal to ensure that it fits with our editorial mission, market niche, and product plans. Our editors work closely with authors, guiding and helping with revisions and rewriting.

We will contact you if we are interested in learning more about you and your proposal.

Email Your Proposal

Guidelines to Submit a Manuscript

Please adhere to the following guidelines to make the editing and layout processes more efficient.

  • General Guidelines
    • Submit your manuscript as a double-spaced Microsoft Word document.
    • Please use Times New Roman, 12 pt. size throughout the document.
    • Do not add lines between paragraphs.
    • Only leave one space after punctuation.
    • You do not need to attempt any formatting. Your job is to write the book- no need to add page breaks, hard returns or play with fonts. We will take care of that during the layout process.
    • Be sure to indicate on the page if it’s a worksheet, exercise, case study, etc. so it is easily identified.
    • Page numbering is helpful.
    • Embed any figures or illustrations into the Microsoft Word document or attach separately and indicate where it should be placed.
    • Be sure to use the spell-check function.
    • Please follow the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA), Seventh Edition.

  • Bibliography
    • Please follow APA style when formatting your bibliography.
    • Make sure your bibliography contains the complete reference for every parenthetical citation in the manuscript.

  • Permissions
    • Per your contract, it is your responsibility to get permissions for the use of previously published material.
    • Include all permission correspondence and keep copies for your own records.

  • Headings and Highlighting Key Information
    • Follow a consistent style for all chapter headings and sub-headings.
    • New or special terms are often highlighted by italics or boldface. Whichever you choose, please be consistent throughout your manuscript.

  • Cross-References
    • When referring to a different page in the book, do not use the page number, as they will change throughout the book-making process. Instead, refer to the chapter and heading where the material appears (e.g., See Chapter 5, Healthy Behaviors)