9 Easy Practices to Boost Energy and Get Out of a Funk

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Brian Leaf, MA

In the new Undepressed Card Deck, mindfulness expert and yogi Brian Leaf offers 55 practices to feel your feelings, boost your energy, and get out of a funk. We've handpicked 9 of our favorite cards that you can practice daily or whenever you need a dose of inspiration.

The Undepressed Card Deck offers 3 types of cards and we've included 3 from each category in the download below.

  1. Vibrant Body: These cards offer a variety of self-care practices that renew your energy and meet the needs of your physical body.
  2. Vibrant Heart: Since depression often stems from unfelt feelings, these cards help you acknowledge and feel your emotions and allow you to see what you truly need.
  3. Vibrant Spirit: These cards elevate your vitality through acts of service (working for something bigger than yourself) or faith (surrendering to God or a higher spirit).

Click here to download 9 practices from the Undepressed Card Deck.

Undepressed: Mindfulness and Yoga Prompts to Feel Your Feelings, Boost Your Energy, and Get Out of a Funk
Undepressed Card Deck
If depression is weighing you down, this inspiring new card deck by seasoned author and mindfulness expert Brian Leaf can help lift you out of your rut.

Inside, you’ll find 55 prompts – each focused on increasing vibrancy in your body, heart, or spirit – to use any way that feels best to you.

Meet the Expert:
Brian Leaf, MA, is the author of 17 books and card decks, including the Be You Card Deck for Teens and The Teacher Appears: 108 Prompts to Power Your Yoga Practice. He graduated from Georgetown University in 1993 with a BA in business, English, and theology, and in 1999 he completed a master’s degree at Lesley College, specializing in mindfulness, yoga, and Ayurveda. He leads mindfulness, yoga, and productivity programs around the country, and, yes, he would love to speak at your organization. Brian lives in Northampton, Massachussetts with his wife and two sons. Say hello at www.teacherappears.net.

Learn more about his educational products, including upcoming live seminars, by clicking here.

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