Helping Clients Deal with Infertility Through Affirmations

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Caitlin Slavens, BAACS, MC, RPsych, Chelsea Bodie, BSc., MACP, RPsych

Infertility is a long and hard road. It occurs when a couple has difficulties getting pregnant after one year of trying to conceive (or after six months if the woman is over 35 years of age). This experience can be taxing to both individuals’ mental health and can place a significant strain on their relationship as they confront invasive procedures, failed fertility treatments, and societal or personal pressure to create a family. It may cause your clients to feel every kind of emotion from anger to guilt to sadness.

If you have clients going through infertility struggles, tell them to be gentle on themselves and let them know there is no right way to feel. Infertility is both physically and mentally draining, so if your clients feel more reactive, less patient, or more worn out, that is to be expected.

The following affirmations are here to provide your clients with some comfort as they continue their journey to conceive. As with everything we suggest, they can take what works for them, leave what doesn’t, and adapt any of the statements to fit their own experience better.

Not Your Mother’s Postpartum Book
Not Your Mother’s Postpartum Book
So many new moms find themselves saying this phrase in the first hours, days, and weeks postpartum – sometimes even for years! That’s where Instagram’s wildly popular @mamapsychologists come in. In Not Your Mother’s Postpartum Book, Chelsea and Caitlin share what to really expect postpartum – and it’s not just the baby blues.

This refreshingly candid resource fills a notable void by providing real, honest, and raw insights into motherhood. With their nonjudgmental yet humorous tone, Caitlin and Chelsea provide a deep dive into all things #momlife.
Meet the Experts:
Caitlin Slavens, BAACS, MC, RPsych, is a registered psychologist, certified eye movement desensitization reprocessing (EMDR) therapist, and a certified Theraplay professional. She has additional training in attachment parenting, play therapy, child-adolescent mental health, and trauma modalities. Caitlin has two little ones who keep her constantly on the go (with a large cup of coffee in her hand).

Chelsea Bodie, BSc, MACP, RPsych, is a registered psychologist and certified perinatal mental health professional (PMH-C) with training in perinatal mood disorders, birth trauma, perinatal grief and loss, and infertility. She also has training in play therapy and child-adolescent mental health. Chelsea is a mom of two little ones who also keep her busy as they get into mischief on the farm.

For tips on parenting and all things postpartum, follow Caitlin and Chelsea on Instagram: @mamapsychologists.

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