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Cultivating a Mindset that Increases Joy and Gratitude

Strategies from Jonah Paquette, author of Happily Even After

Jonah Paquette, Psy.D.

How can you help clients foster happy, meaningful lives when the world is constantly throwing chaos, challenges, and uncertainty their way? Jonah Paquette, PsyD., author of Happily Even After, shares simple ways to help clients cultivate a mindset that increases joy and helps them navigate life’s most intense obstacles.


Helping Clients See the Good: 5 FREE Gratitude Exercises to Use in Session

Here are 5 free gratitude exercises to use in your sessions this season.


PESI Publishing provides these FREE exercise downloads to help clients of all ages remember what they are grateful for, even in the darkest of times.


Sobriety, Boundaries, and Stress During the Holidays

Interview with substance use disorder expert Amanda White, LPC

Amanda White, LPC

Amanda White, LPC, shares her most frequently asked questions for sobriety and boundaries during the holidays as well as advice on how to stay sober this holiday season.


Ask a Therapist: Parenting through the Chaos of Today’s World

Katie Hurley, LCSW

The tumultuous landscape of the current world is causing anxiety and confusion even in the minds of our tweens and teens, and child and adolescent psychotherapist Katie Hurley is here to present some much-needed relief.


Using CBT to Treat Substance Use Disorders

Paul Brasler offers up free CBT-based worksheets for working with clients with substance use disorders.

Paul Brasler, MA, MSW, LCSW

Paul Brasler offers up free CBT-based worksheets for working with clients with substance use disorders.


Top 10 Resources for Managing and Overcoming ADHD

Our ADHD-focused books and card decks can assist you on your journey in learning how to treat, manage, and overcome this disorder.


PESI Publishing has gathered its top ADHD resources for clinicians, parents, and clients—along with FREE content from ADHD expert Dr. Russell Barkley!


Dealing with Pregnancy Loss, Infertility, and Other Postpartum Grief

Caitlin Slavens, BAACS, MC, RPsych, Chelsea Bodie, BSc., MACP, RPsych

Caitlin Slavens and Chelsea Bodie help parents dealing with the emotional pains of motherhood with these FREE affirmation exercises. Their highly-anticipated Not Your Mother’s Postpartum Book is available for pre-order now!


Breathing Through the Back-to-School Bustle

Read along with Jennifer Cohen Harper

Jennifer Cohen Harper, MA, E-RYT, RCYT

Join PESI children’s author Jennifer Cohen Harper as she reads her book Thank You Breath and offers up simple breathing practices for kids as they head back to school.


8 Books to Help Kids Reap the Mental and Physical Benefits of Nature

PESI’s list of nature-inspired titles will get your children up and moving


The outdoors are a great place for mindfulness, action, and imagination. PESI’s list of nature-inspired titles will get your children up and moving!


Help Your Child Learn from Their Mistakes

Free printable coloring pages for kids

Kellie Doyle Bailey, MA, CCC-SLP, MMT/SELI

Kellie Doyle Bailey’s newest children’s book in the Calm Cool Kids series is almost here—with tons of mindfulness tips to help teach your child how to react during tricky moments.


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