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A Clinician’s Guide to Incorporating Mindfulness into Your Walk and Talk Session

Deepen the interactions between you and your clients outdoors

Jen Udler, author of Walk and Talk Therapy, shares mindfulness exercises you can use with your clients outdoors to bring the calming presence of nature into every therapy session.


Ask The Expert: Q&A with Dr. Frank Sileo, PhD

Free printable worksheets from his new book, The Small and Tall Ball

Frank J. Sileo, PhD

Frank Sileo, licensed psychologist and author of The Small and Tall Ball, shares his most frequently asked questions and suggestions on how to use his book in a classroom setting.


Strategies to Help Mothers Cope with Postpartum Anxiety, Rage and Burnout

The difficult side of becoming a new mom that isn’t always acknowledged and ways to help support.

Caitlin Slavens, BAACS, MC, RPsych, Chelsea Bodie, BSc., MACP, RPsych

Perinatal symptoms can often be difficult for new moms to talk about. Caitlyn Slavens and Chelsea Bodie share signs and symptoms of common struggles that occur during the postpartum period and compassionate strategies to help mothers cope.


EMDR with Children: Top 3 Challenges You’ll Face & How to Overcome Them

Help young clients cope with their symptoms using EMDR

Christine Mark-Griffin, LCSW

EMDR therapy can be beneficial for children who have experienced trauma or struggling with other mental health issues. Christine Mark-Griffin, LCSW, shares 3 challenges EMDR-trained clinicians might face when working with young clients and how to overcome them.


Creating a Mindfulness-Based Play Therapy Intervention

Free infographic to help you determine the level of mindfulness from play therapy interventions

Tracy Turner-Bumberry, LPC, RPT-S, CAS

Tracy Turner-Bumberry, LPC, helps you determine the level of mindfulness play therapy interventions have when working with young clients.


Be a Better Therapist with Deliberate Practice

Micro-adjustments, fine-tuning, and feedback are keys to moving toward mastery

Rotem Brayer, MEd, LPC

While books and trainings can help in a limited fashion, experts who study peak performance conclude that focusing on deep learning is a much better way to develop and master skills.


Helping Clients Deal with Infertility Through Affirmations

Free download from Not Your Mother’s Postpartum Book

Caitlin Slavens, BAACS, MC, RPsych, Chelsea Bodie, BSc., MACP, RPsych

Summary: Caitlin Slavens and Chelsea Bodie help parents dealing with the emotional pains of infertility with these FREE affirmation exercises. Their highly-anticipated Not Your Mother’s Postpartum Book is available now!


How to Know When Your Client Is Ready to Start EMDR Processing

13-step checklist to assess whether your client is stable enough to begin EMDR processing.

Rotem Brayer, MEd, LPC

EMDR expert Rotem Brayer shares a 13-step checklist you can use to assess your client's stability and determine if they're ready to start processing.


When Positive Affirmations Become Weapons

Helping clients to challenge negative self-talk with their own values

Sunita Osborn, PsyD, MA

Positive affirmations are a popular tool for battling negative self-talk, but they can be weaponized and misused. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) emphasizes acknowledging negative thoughts and focusing on taking action in line with one's values rather than trying to suppress negative thoughts with positive affirmations. By intentionally using positive affirmations, and not weaponizing them, clients can find relief from negative self-talk and pursue their values instead.


Ask the Expert: Q&A with Colleen West, LMFT

Interview with IFS Flip Chart author Colleen West, LMFT

Colleen West, LMFT, shares her most frequently asked questions for IFS therapy, insight into her IFS Flip Chart and more.


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